I'm sure you've heard the expression "knowledge is power". In the construction business, the power to remotely view a construction project step-by-step adds both soft dollars and hard dollars to the bottom line. Building construction depends on the timely execution of well-defined milestones. Many times tasks are dependent on completion of other tasks. Whether your goal is to provide video documentation at the end of the project or during the construction phase, significant milestones can be viewed and captured for playback.

Sharpvue Alarm & Home Automation Services

The Sharpvue Alarm and & Home Automation solution integrates best-in-class commercial grade Alarm panels with's integrated solution. has an award winning technology and cloud services power Security & Smart Home solutions, including interactive Security, Energy Management, Video Montiroing, Intelligent Automation and wellness.  Find out more here


Sharpvue Cloud Surveillance

The Sharpvue solution integrates best-in-class commercial grade cameras with our revolutionary hosted video service, allowing you to stream encrypted, secure live video from one or multiple locations to view on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Ideal for commercial, small business and high value asset protection.


How it Works?


Sharpvue Construction Cameras


Designed for construction means ease of use is essential. Sharpvue's construction cameras are engineered to be a self contained turnkey solution for any jobsite monitoring need. Simple to install and activate, maintenance-free and guaranteed by our lifetime warranty.


Megapixel Images - Communicating the big picture is what Sharpvue's is all about. Select the resolution appropriate for your jobsite, from a four(4) megapixel system for small projects up to our twelve (12) megapixel system for large construction projects, we offer the image resolution you need.


Cellular Connectivity - Avoid the need for dedicated Internet connections, network cables and the headache of managing remote camera connections by taking advantage of the cellular service provided standard with each Sharpvue's camera.


Our Features

  • Simple Pricing
  • All-in-one System
  • All Inclusive National Service
  • Live Streaming Video
  • Customizable Time-lapses
  • Add More
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